Amid institutional decline [Editorial Analysis] - The Hindu

Role of Institutions:

  • Institutions provide the framework for individuals and systems to function.

  • If institutions are strong, they are respected and it becomes difficult to manipulate them.

  • It enables the honest to survive.

  • In strong institutions, individual corruption is an irregularity but when they weaken, it becomes generalized.

  • It leads to individualization, illegality becomes acceptable and the collective interest suffers.

Situation of the day?

  • The rule of law is being subverted and illegality being committed on a large scale.

  • The growth of the black economy is a measure of illegality.

  • It has gone up from 4-5% of GDP in 1955-56 to the present level of 62%.

  • It has become ‘systematic and systemic’ and eroded institutional functioning all across the board.

  • This has damaged institutions.


Their breakdown leads to a failure of:

  1. Functioning of society

  2. Democracy is weakened

  3. The sense of justice is eroded.

  4. The opposition is sought to be suppressed.

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