Joint Election of Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assembly

  • Odisha Chief Minister and Biju Janata Dal chief Naveen Pantaik on Tuesday supported Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for holding simultaneous Lok Sabha and Assembly polls in the country.

  • His statement came in response to a letter sent by Justice B. S. Chauhan, Chairman of the Law Commission, seeking his party’s opinion on holding joint polls.

  • We are elected to work for the people. And having elections throughout the year disturbs the working process for people. Therefore, we support Prime Minister’s appeal for simultaneous elections. This will serve the country well,” the Chief Minister said.

Law Commission

  • The Commission was asked by Department of Legal Affairs to examine the matter and submit a report to the government.

  • “While the Commission has reached out to the public already, it would like to solicit the views of political parties, as well.

#JointElection #ElectionCommission

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