• It is a central sector externally aided multi-state project which was launched in 2012 with World Bank assistance.

  • It is being implemented in four states –

  1. Mizoram

  2. Nagaland

  3. Tripura and

  4. Sikkim

  • Aim:

  • Assisting over 10,000 Self Help Groups which would further benefit over 3 lakh households.

  • Creating sustainable community institutions for development of women, youth and community and strengthening existing ones (SHGs and youth groups etc.)

  • Capacity building with transparency and accountability for:

  • self-governance

  • bottom up planning

  • democratic functioning

  • Increasing economic and livelihood opportunities especially tribal and non-tribal groups in remote areas.

  • Developing partnership of community institutions for natural resource management, micro finance, market linkages etc.

  • The project has four major components namely –

  1. Social empowerment

  2. Economic empowerment

  3. Partnership development and management

  4. Project Management

  • Benefits of the Project

  1. Increased level of income of SHG members and disadvantaged households by 60% and 30% respectively.

  2. Financial support for promotion of livelihood activities and training for entrepreneurial and management skills.

  3. Improved access to credit through SHGs and other diversified institutions.

  4. Improved integration with markets and institutions facilitated by producer organisations to scale up livelihood activities such as North-Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation.

  5. Enhanced skill linked employment opportunities for unemployed youths

  • Current Importance??

  • Union Minister of State for Development of North-Eastern Region (DoNER) talked about North East Rural Livelihood Project.

  • It is an exclusive "Rural Livelihood" scheme for the Northeast.

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