MSME Sambandh

MSME Sambandh

  • It is a Public Procurement Portal launched by the government.

  • The objective of the portal is to monitor the implementation of the Public Procurement from MSEs by Central Public Sector Enterprises.

  • With this app, the Micro and Small Enterprises would be able to access the information about the products being procured by CPSEs. Thus, it would help the MSEs in participating in the procurement process.


  • The Procurement Policy launched in 2012 mandates the Central Government Departments / CPSUs to procure necessarily from MSEs.

  • Every Central Ministry / Department / PSU shall set an annual goal for procurement from the MSE sector at the beginning of the year, with the objective of achieving an overall procurement goal of minimum of 20% of the total annual purchases of the products or services produced or rendered by MSEs.

  • By creating an online portal, the Ministries and the CPSEs can assess their performance.

Significance of MSME:

  • MSME sector generates more employment next only to Agriculture sector.

  • 80% of jobs in industry is given by MSME with just 20% of investment.

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