China opens CPEC to other nations

  • China has thrown open its economic corridor with Pakistan for investment by other countries after successfully commissioning a power plant near Karachi.

  • Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang invited other countries to participate in the corridor on the “principle of equality and voluntarism”, after last week’s commissioning of the first phase of the 1320 Megawatt Port Qasim power project. He described CPEC, a flagship of its trans-continental Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), as “an open initiative”.

  • Mr. Geng cited participation by Qatar’s Al-Mirqab Capital as an illustration of Beijing’s openness to third-party participation.

  • China has been focusing on energy projects as part of its plan to build comprehensive infrastructure — the first essential step to industrialise Pakistan.

  • Earlier, in May, the Sahiwal coal-fired plant in Punjab was commissioned, aimed at generating more than 1000 MW of electricity.

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